Thursday, 27 April 2017

(Short review) Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Colour

Photos are not heavily filtered to show the true colours of product.

Me wearing Raw Silk

Wearing Boucle here. The colour's much deeper than Raw Silk!


Where I got mine

Guardian store, $8.90 each (Got it during one day sale for 50% off my second lippie)

Product Review

Raw Silk (4.16g)
Pigmentation: Wearable rose MLBB colour.
Application: Easy to apply, I get even coats of product from 1/2 swatches on my lips.
Longevity: 4-5 hours without eating (It really acts just like a bullet matte lipstick and transfers like mad ^Refer to above picture) You just have to touch up once every few hours :)
Comfort: Very comfortable and moisturizing to wear, no cracking of lips, doesn't feel sticky at all. It feels silky when I purse my lips together. Doesn't taste bad either.
Rating: 4/5

Boucle (4.16g)
Pigmentation: Intense burgundy rose colour, suitable for night wear.
Application: Easy to apply, I get even coats of product from 1/2 swatches on my lips.
Longevity: 4-5 hours without eating (It really acts just like a bullet matte lipstick and transfers like mad ^Refer to above picture) - I felt that this does not fade as pleasantly as Raw Silk since it's a deeper colour
Comfort: Very comfortable and moisturizing to wear, no cracking of lips, doesn't feel sticky at all. It feels silky and soft when I press my lips together. Hair doesn't get stuck to it when the wind blows.
Rating: 3/5

Recommended for: People who are looking for economical moisturizing matte lipsticks, but don't expect the lip cream to be long lasting. The lip colours don't dry down to complete matte finish so remember to blot using a tissue paper! You still need to touch it up every few hours! :)

Shade comparison:
From left to right: Raw Silk, Boucle, The Balm's Charming, The Balm Meet Matte Committed, The Balm Meet Matte Sincere, OFRA's charmed and Malissa Kiss All Day Matte Lip Colour #06 Peach Please

Boucle is close to Malissa's Peach please, and I can see raw silk to be close dupe for Sincere and charmed. :) These Palladio lipsticks were the easiest to remove with my Bioderma makeup remover, followed by the Ofra, The Balm ones and lasly, Malissa Kiss. Anyway, I shall end this short review right here, thanks for reading lovelies x

Friday, 3 March 2017

1st Impression l: Malissa k.i.s.s Products

Disclaimer: Products not sponsored and impressions are based on my own experience of using them.


Hello there, just thought I'd do a quick first impressions post on two products I've received in my mail recently :) Any further updates on products' performances will be edited here subsequently!

Where to get them - Shopee (SG)
Price: $5.90 (Liquid eyeliner), $6.90 (liquid lipstick)

First impressions of Malissa kiss Super Black Ultra HD Eyeliner
Pigmentation: One stroke is all you need. It's so much darker then my clio one tbh. So worth it for its price.

Precision: Able to create many versatile looks since the tip is really precise, making it so easy to create both thin and thick lines

Longevity: Takes only 1-2min to dry fully, able to withstand running water without showing any signs of fading. Yet to use on my eyelid for long (will update its wear time again)  

1h after putting on: the winged part of my liner was GONE. My lids were not that oily to begin with but I Did unknowingly rubbed my eyelid. Had really high expectations of the liner because the hand swatch was really great. Reapplied it to check on it again.
Final verdict: Didn't work for my eyelid at all, wanna give it a chance so badly since the hand swatch didn't even budge, yet the winged part can easily be wiped away using my fingers. Looks like I'm still on the search for a HG eyeliner. Sighzzz. (So far, the best I've used is k-palette). I'm still going to use this though, I just need to find ways to set it longer or try not to touch it. (Never happens for a clumsy ass like me)

First impression on All Day Matte Lip Colour in 06 Peach please


Pigmentation: Dark mauve pink colour, leaning to slight vampy shade on my medium-Tan skin tone. Really pigmented with just one layer of application

Applicator: Slightly angled to provide the right angles for application. I do, however, find that the texture of the applicator is slightly rough when I apply the product. 

Longevity: Dries within 2min, lips do not stick when I press them together (no tacky feeling). Absolutely no transfers when I kiss the back of my palm. 


Comfort: Feels like I've got nothing on my lips. The initial wear (3-5min) I could feel it on my lips but after that, product doesn't feel heavy to me. The only issue I had was that there were some transfers of flakes on my front teeth after the initial application.

Extra swatch comparison to The Balm Meet Matte Hughes in Charming

As you can tell, both shades rock similar deep mauve tones, with the Malissa kiss one slightly  darker than the balm one. I feel that the Malissa one is cheaper, has more Matte and less tacky finish compared to the balm one. However, the meet matte one definitely fades more beautifully than the Malissa based on the following photos:

Colour doesn't feather out nicely after fading in the inner lip but it's overall colour is still stunning. This is only obvious if I open my mouth and even more on darker lip Colours.

Tongue Looks nasty hahaha but well at least this is a clearer pic with flash :)

I will end the first impressions here and update on what I think of them when I have longer wear out of them. 

Thanks for reading lovelies~ :) till next time

Love, G-why

Friday, 11 March 2016

Hey there! It's been some time since I've wrote a post. Soooo... here I am, blogging 2 days before my 20th birthday! Basically, this week has been a hectic one for me. I had to do lots of catch-up of lectures, submission of assignments as well as group presentations. I finally took a break today with my best friend from JC, and she's May! We had a girls' day out, eating good food, shopping, and enjoying each other's company. I'm so thankful for having her in my life. Since there's school for both of us on my birthday, we decided to celebrate it in advance. She never fails to surprise me with her gifts. Oh man, even though she's not the (most talented and artsy person I know), she still makes the effort to hand-make my present. Really appreciate that hehe. Anyway, yay to more clothes in my wardrobe! Here's a short haul of what I've got, with some from May.

   Temt Blue Top- 14.95 SGD

     Temt Printed Top with Lace details- 14.95 SGD

Both of us finally ventured into City Plaza to look for a shop - Refash. May needed to collect the apparels from the physical shop and I needed more clothes so WHY NOT? I saw the article by thesmartlocal and have been wanting to explore the mall since forever! There wasn't much to buy from the mall, except from the shop we wanted to visit!

Got this flower printed shorts for 8 SGD

Graphite Printed Skort costs me 12 SGD

This Blue Flair Shorts was sold for 15 SGD

Overall, the loots I got were reasonably priced, given their condition and the thickness of the material! I will definitely look out for more clothes from this shop haha. Till next time, take care readers! Love, Grace

Saturday, 6 February 2016

My 1st Beautylish experience

Hello beautifuls, I'm here just for a quick post. Been pretty busy lately, with all the moving to my uni hostel and all. I felt like sharing with you all my first experience shopping at Beautylish. It was a wonderful experience, there's free fedex shipping with an expenditure of over 75 USD.

I ordered the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette The Dolce Vita. It was something that I've eyed on since a long time ago. I needed an eyeshadow quad to glam up my look for special occasions. Another product I got was the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Celebrity Skin. I've just hopped onto the liquid lipsticks bandwagon (and perhaps got on it a tad too late) It's so amazinggggggg. I used to be crazy over the Korean lip tints but some of the tints don't go on evenly on my lips. So I'm like MEHHHHHH I can find better ones. I've seen good reviews on JS's lipsticks, so why not? Definitely worth the hype. The last thing I bought was the Bioderma Sensibio H2O 100ml. I've the full size product at home, but I wanted to keep one in my uni campus so I added it to my cart. Nothing more to say about this cleansing water. It works great, removes makeup so well without clogging my pores.

Ending this post with my Chinese New Year Nails! These stickers are from Taiwan and I love them a lot! Discovering nail stickers was one of the best things that happened to me this year :)
Stay safe and lovely everyone :')

Disclaimer: Products are all bought using my own money. This isn't a sponsored post.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Kaohsiung Hotel Review: Kindness Hotel Kaohsiung Jueming


It was a cozy dining area, furnished with marbled tables. I had the best experience in this hotel out of all 5 hotels I've been to during this trip. Firstly, the food was great.

(+) Secondly, I liked how the hotel provided us with free shampoo/body oil/ conditioner. Females and Males. As you can see from the picture above, my poor shampoo was left behind by yours truly. How careless of me to leave it behind only to realise it's gone 2 days later, and that I took THIS PICTURE before I LEFT the hotel. It's right at the centre of the picture and I still missed it. It still bugs me that I left it there. Meh.

Thirdly, (+) Comfy beds. Haha, I know you'll be judging me like,"Omg this room is so messy" Yup that's right, if you put 3 teens together in a room, that's what you get. Haha. This picture was taken when we were about to leave the hotel. I couldn't bear to leave this cozy place ya know :(

Fourth, (+) Complementary soybean ice cream at the lobby is so good!!! You can choose to get the cone or the cup at the right side. Somehow, I did not take pictures of the complementary cakes on the left side of this picture. The selection of the free cakes is no joke, everything looks damn yummy! There were flavours like tiramisu, choc, etc! I wanted to eat like a lot, but my tummy was already filled with street food. T.T

Fifth, (+) The location of the hotel makes it convenient to get food! It's of a walking distance to Liu Fu Night Market.

Sixth, (+) The hotel staff's service was excellent, they were really friendly and warm to the guests.
We kinda clogged up the toilet bowl haha and the problem was solved after making a call down to the concierge.

The only thing that can be better/improved on was the wifi connectivity. It could have been stronger, but I was okay with it since I got myself a SIM card and I had 3G. :) Otherwise, this hotel is amazing. For the price, location, and service, I'd recommend it if you were to visit KaoHsiung in Taiwan.

To book:

P/s All opinions are genuine by me and I'm not sponsored in any way. If I'm sponsored I would travel around the world more often. But no, still a broke student. 

Taiwan 2015 Day 1: 9 December 2015

Hello there! I've recently travelled to Taiwan with 2 of my cousins and their parents during the dec break. It was overall a great experience with all the food and scenic locations. Without boring you too much with words, I shall post many pictures together with captions of the places I'd visited.

Mandatory mirror-fie at Changi Airport!

Look at our shiny foreheads and eggcited faces!

The flight journey was a long and boring one, since we opted for budget airline. Right after landing at Taoyuan Int'l Airport, we met our taxi driver, Mr Lin. (who drove us around for the next few days). It was another long drive to Kaohsiung, we took approximately 3-4 hours? It was so tiring after the flight yet we couldn't take a rest and went to E-da World (義大遊樂世界) themepark. There were a few amazing rides but it was rather run-down. I felt that the concept of the themepark was a little boring since I've been to other amazing themeparks in US and Seoul. 

Our driver hehe

Cousins shot while the adults head somewhere else

Look at how awk the poses were hahahah

This ride was like the best omg. So much pressure when we flipped mid-air, and it was so high. I actually drooled, I wasn't alone hahah. Just hoped that my saliva did not land onto someone else's head. Gross. Anyway, we had to stay up in the air for 1 minute. Waited 1 hour for this ride. MEH. But worth it for the thrill haha.

Shot of Naomi and I before taking a fume ride.

Mango shaved ice, matcha red bean, tangyuan with red bean.

After a few hours at the themepark, we decided to chill and ate shaved ice in the mall near the amusement park. Man, it was so goodddddddd & cheap! Way better than the dessert in Singapore. Like Bingsu and llaollao. Overrated hahaha. 

After that, we went to check into Kindness Hotel (I swear their service is top-notch, review of this hotel can be found here.) We rested for a while before heading to Liu He Night Market.( 六合夜市). 
I shall let pictures do the talking.

Ended day 1 with amazing street food, and tried smelly tofu for the first time in my life! Not as bad as it smells, but I'm not very fond of it hahah. I guess it's something new and foreign to me.