Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Kaohsiung Hotel Review: Kindness Hotel Kaohsiung Jueming


It was a cozy dining area, furnished with marbled tables. I had the best experience in this hotel out of all 5 hotels I've been to during this trip. Firstly, the food was great.

(+) Secondly, I liked how the hotel provided us with free shampoo/body oil/ conditioner. Females and Males. As you can see from the picture above, my poor shampoo was left behind by yours truly. How careless of me to leave it behind only to realise it's gone 2 days later, and that I took THIS PICTURE before I LEFT the hotel. It's right at the centre of the picture and I still missed it. It still bugs me that I left it there. Meh.

Thirdly, (+) Comfy beds. Haha, I know you'll be judging me like,"Omg this room is so messy" Yup that's right, if you put 3 teens together in a room, that's what you get. Haha. This picture was taken when we were about to leave the hotel. I couldn't bear to leave this cozy place ya know :(

Fourth, (+) Complementary soybean ice cream at the lobby is so good!!! You can choose to get the cone or the cup at the right side. Somehow, I did not take pictures of the complementary cakes on the left side of this picture. The selection of the free cakes is no joke, everything looks damn yummy! There were flavours like tiramisu, choc, etc! I wanted to eat like a lot, but my tummy was already filled with street food. T.T

Fifth, (+) The location of the hotel makes it convenient to get food! It's of a walking distance to Liu Fu Night Market.

Sixth, (+) The hotel staff's service was excellent, they were really friendly and warm to the guests.
We kinda clogged up the toilet bowl haha and the problem was solved after making a call down to the concierge.

The only thing that can be better/improved on was the wifi connectivity. It could have been stronger, but I was okay with it since I got myself a SIM card and I had 3G. :) Otherwise, this hotel is amazing. For the price, location, and service, I'd recommend it if you were to visit KaoHsiung in Taiwan.

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P/s All opinions are genuine by me and I'm not sponsored in any way. If I'm sponsored I would travel around the world more often. But no, still a broke student. 

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