Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Taiwan 2015 Day 1: 9 December 2015

Hello there! I've recently travelled to Taiwan with 2 of my cousins and their parents during the dec break. It was overall a great experience with all the food and scenic locations. Without boring you too much with words, I shall post many pictures together with captions of the places I'd visited.

Mandatory mirror-fie at Changi Airport!

Look at our shiny foreheads and eggcited faces!

The flight journey was a long and boring one, since we opted for budget airline. Right after landing at Taoyuan Int'l Airport, we met our taxi driver, Mr Lin. (who drove us around for the next few days). It was another long drive to Kaohsiung, we took approximately 3-4 hours? It was so tiring after the flight yet we couldn't take a rest and went to E-da World (義大遊樂世界) themepark. There were a few amazing rides but it was rather run-down. I felt that the concept of the themepark was a little boring since I've been to other amazing themeparks in US and Seoul. 

Our driver hehe

Cousins shot while the adults head somewhere else

Look at how awk the poses were hahahah

This ride was like the best omg. So much pressure when we flipped mid-air, and it was so high. I actually drooled, I wasn't alone hahah. Just hoped that my saliva did not land onto someone else's head. Gross. Anyway, we had to stay up in the air for 1 minute. Waited 1 hour for this ride. MEH. But worth it for the thrill haha.

Shot of Naomi and I before taking a fume ride.

Mango shaved ice, matcha red bean, tangyuan with red bean.

After a few hours at the themepark, we decided to chill and ate shaved ice in the mall near the amusement park. Man, it was so goodddddddd & cheap! Way better than the dessert in Singapore. Like Bingsu and llaollao. Overrated hahaha. 

After that, we went to check into Kindness Hotel (I swear their service is top-notch, review of this hotel can be found here.) We rested for a while before heading to Liu He Night Market.( 六合夜市). 
I shall let pictures do the talking.

Ended day 1 with amazing street food, and tried smelly tofu for the first time in my life! Not as bad as it smells, but I'm not very fond of it hahah. I guess it's something new and foreign to me.

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