Saturday, 28 November 2015

Wassssssup!! I've returned to blog on this neglected space of mine. Year 1 Sem 1 in NUS is coming to an end, and I'm left with one paper for finals. So many things happened over these past few months, the good and bad :') I'm still thinking of doing a short update on the modules I took this semester. I think it will be meaningful to do some reflection after the end of a semester. Easy to #DIUHUI y'know. At the end of each semester, I will probably go...... 'Why did I even bid for this?' or 'I should have taken this mod more seriously.' This will probably be a short (summarised) update on the things I accomplished/ did these past few months. I may have left out some stuff but these are probably the highlights for me.

1) I passed lifesaving 123 test! (I really enjoyed my time in my new CCA)
2) I'm still playing for a floorball club
3) I ate... and ate and ate and ate while studying
4) I went to USS Halloween Horror Night for the first time in my life!!!
5) One of my presentations for a module called GER1000 was rather epic (I shall elaborate in the mod review)
6) Weekly/fortnightly lunch session with my GER1K group members (Awesome bunch)
7) Went far out in the sea during my lifesaving beach intro and did paddling/swim
8) Getting my dad to print my notes (I'm really thankful for that because I #cansavemorepocketmoney )
9) Fun chilling sessions with my best archi buddy. It's so amazing how we met each other in Milica's art class late last year, and are faculty-mates now. Love you SX
10) Study sessions with lifesaving friends esp sarah and my real estate xiaojie flory (I broke my own record of studying outside for 10 hours in the medicine building. I was there for 12h & that's an amazing feat for someone like me haha)

Ok I should stop here!
Till next time
love, g-why

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