Monday, 8 June 2015

Seoul Trip - Day 3

Day 3


Went to Myeongdong in the morning at about 9am? We ate kimbap at one of the shops. Apparently, only a few eateries were opened! After that, I went to Lotte departmental store, just to collect tax refund. Yes, it's extremely convenient to get VAT refund at the very same building you shop at! As for lunch, I ate ginseng chicken porridge.

Looking at it now makes me long for the flavour.. mm the seaweed and porridge!

After shopping for a while, I went back to the hotel just to rest. It's mostly shopping (yes, I've only mentioned shopping so far in my entries). This is actually my 2nd time in Seoul, so I've already visited places like namsan tower, mt sorak, insadong, teddy bear museum, etc. Besides exploring areas that I have not explored before, this trip is basically a go-crazy-shop-till-you-drop kinda trip :P Oh, where was I? ahh, Yes the toilet.... Apparently some incident happened and my toilet bowl kinda flooded (TMI) so I had to call for help LOL. After resting, we headed to Ewha Women's University (Edae for short) FOR SHOPPING!!

The University from afar

We stumbled upon this store that sells discounted korean cosmetics!
The prices are unbelievably CHEAP!

This is my overseas-kinda thing. I will always look out for signboards with my name and take a picture of it. Is this strange? haha.

We had early dinner at this place! Not much of a selection, but I chose to eat Phad Thai!

Phad thai for dinner

I have this amazing discovery during the trip. I managed to stumble upon the very same Paris Baguette outlet that I visited in 2011 with my sister and mum. It was near to my hotel, hotel PJ. It's an amazing feeling to revisit a place that you think you won't be going to ever again.

 My Macaron Ice cream Sandwich woohoo! So sweet but sinful!

After that, we walked back to the hotel. Tadah! Hotel sweet hotel in 5 min!

 Yay, goodnight everyone! - says the panda

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