Saturday, 6 June 2015

Korea Trip: Night 1

Hey readers! I am so excited to blog about my recent trip to Seoul, South Korea. ^^ I wouldn't consider the first day as 'day 1' because by the time I arrived in Seoul, it was already sleeping time (10pm) BOOHOO. That's what I get for booking cheaper tickets. Oh, btw I took Singapore Airlines

Night 1: I did not do much after landing except checking into a hotel at Incheon area. It was just for a night's stay. I figured that it was cheaper to spend a night near the Incheon airport than taking a taxi to Seoul. I guess I can give a short review of my stay at Hotel Sky Incheon Airport hotel. :) I will just weigh the pros and cons, the likes and dislikes (In point forms) during my stay.

Pictures as seen on agoda:

(+) 24h front desk
I could arrange a free shuttle service from the Airport to the hotel. (Which is a plus, i mean who says no to free transport haha) You just need to go to the info counter at the airport and ask for help to contact the hotel staff. TADAH, the driver arrived 10-15min after the phone call. They even offer the service to drive us back to the airport the next morning. You just need to let the hotel reception know when you check in.

(+) Cosy blanket and bed
I managed to have a good sleep. Aircon was a tad noisy but it did not bother me much.

(+) Availability of food in the neighbourhood

It was a pity that I did not explore the place since it was already late at night. The only stores that were still opened were convenience stores.

(-) Weak wifi
Wifi in the room just did not work. I think my instagram feed only refreshed 2 times haha. Tbh, it was just a night and I could bear with it. After all, I was about to sleep.
Rating on agoda: 7.5/10
Overall I'm satisfied since its just a night's stay. Definitely much cheaper than the transfer hotel at incheon airport. It was apprx 60+ SGD for a night.

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