Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Detox water

Hello everyone! Today, I will be talking about detox water. 
It helps to detox and de-bloat!. You should try it ^^ it’s refreshing and easy to prepare!

1. Fruity Detox Water (Perfect for Summer)

- Strawberries (Great for skin, contains anti-aging properties and fight carcinogens
- Kiwis (Vitamins A & E to help flush toxins from colon)

2. Cucumber Lemon Detox Water

- 8 cups of water (Hydrate your BODY!)
- Medium cucumber(fight inflammation and provides body with anti-oxidants, may help fight cancer and lower risk of chronic diseases like heart diseases)

-Whole lemon(Potassium content helps nourish brain and nerve cells, rich Vit. C strengthens immune system,stimulates the digestive track and helps with constipation.)

-10 mint leaves( Improve flow of bile through stomach, speeds and ease digestion)

1. Boosts Your Energy
2. Rids the Body of Any Excess Waste
3. Helps with Weight Loss
4. Stronger Immune System
5. Improved Skin
6. Better Breath
7. Promotes Healthy Changes
8. Clearer Thinking
9. Healthier Hair10. Lighter Feeling
11. Anti-Aging Benefits
12. Improved Sense of Well-being
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1 comment:

  1. Awesome ideas! Especially with the fruit ones!
    I generally just put lemon in my VOSS water bottle at work, but going to try some kiwis and strawberries tomorrow!