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Thailand trip 141127- 141201

26 Dec 

Just slacking in changi airport waiting for our flight. Sarah(my sis) and I were about to meet our aunt directly at Thailand. We were on the same flight as our uncle though!

Hi there awkward posing.

The spacious seating beside the emergency exit. As soon as we landed, we rented a car, so we could start our road trip to a place called Cha-am. It's apparently a rural area located at the countryside.

Sistersfie #1

Decided to rest at a stopover because the time taken to get from airport to our destination was ~2hrs+ We tried A&W for the first time during a stop-over! Damn cool to see that bcuz we don't have this in sg anymore. The disappointing thing was that it sells burgers like any other fast food restaurants. The awesome things were root beer and waffles+ice cream. 

Oh and I went to the toilet at the stopover!  The water in the container was warm~

Finally reached our 'hotel'. Well here's the thing, we didn't expect our 'hotel' to be right beside this paddy field. Super rural and we could smell the smoke from the trees from far. Deforestation y'know (too much geog)

Just a picture of the area we lived in!
Soooo... It's at the rural area right? What's worse is that when we reached in the evening we were the loners in the whole area..... WHUTTTTTT. It turned out that there was another couple (but they only stayed for one nigh sighpieeee so isolated.) If not for the awesome wifi, we would really be living in isolation HA. As it approached to weekend, the rooms were fully booked.. :) This would be a great place for those who'd want to get away from the busy city lifestyle.
Everything here is so laid back. Slow and steady!! We don't even need to wake up at 7am, we woke up at 9am everyday.
Aft unpacking, we went to have dinner at huahin(20 min drive from cha-am) so there was some miscommunication... We ended up getting non-spicy food.. :( the food tasted off without the spices in the tom yam soup and green curry.
27 Nov

#selfie with my swag sis at the back
Overall experience: hot sweaty- just take many pics -feed animals- get into shade- next destination

They have the most random things
28th Nov

Aft Sheep farm > outlet at the venezia(complete failure). Totally dead area, very Venice wannabe. the shopping area really cannot make it, only got a conditioner at pharmacy hahah. We got lost while locating it with the gps, ended up going to a condo which is also called Venezia.
>night market at huahin> hua Hin market village (mall) where we had Japanese food@ yayoi jap. Restaurant for dinner
Sarah acting pretty
Phad thai for lunchhhh
After lunch we headed to this place.....
Small shops
Frozen banana
After that, we decided to chill at hua Hin beach. Omg. The water there was awesomeeee with fine sand!!
Chilling while sipping on my watermelon shake

Returned to our hotel and had some drinks hehe. No kick ones of course~ just good enough for a good night's rest.
29th Nov

Went to a premium outlet~ finally started on our shopping
Went to cha am floating market- not so authentic though

Our lunchhhh area

The weather was so damn hot that we decided to go back to our hotel and rest a little. I literally danced about in the water from the sprinkler

So sad I didn't swim but I still dipped my feet in the pool
After resting for awhile, we checked out the cha-am beach. Quite disappointing bcuz it's like our east coast park haha. More locals here though~ there were more children as well.
You can judge the beach here

After the beach we drove around and I saw a tuk tuk agn
Went to this place to walk around. Night market with many shops.
Ate some snacks bfr driving off for dinner elsewhere (for hotpot @ MK restaurant or smth)

30 Nov

We drove from cha-am to the airport to return our rented car, and boarded a taxi to head to Windsor hotel. Taxi driver looked like he's gna overcharge us(he didn't want to go by meter, but eventually he did) plus my aunt was smart enough to take pic of his license no. In front to scare him.
Not much pic so I just posted a selfie hehee. It was just crazy shopping at chatuchak.....super tiring +hot +stifling. I did not really enjoy the shopping experience because it was really crowded. Dampened the mood for shopping y'know. But the clothes are really cheap!

After chatuchak, we headed to asiatique.

Had Italian food, then shopped like mad again
Had to sit a boat to get there


1 Dec 2014

Not much pic as well but we shopped at platinum mall and terminal 21! This pic was taken at terminal 21. Didn't have enough time to shop at platinum sighs.. Too big.

Some of my loots
At cha-am/huahin

Pls don't judge me these are the cutest things eva!
Overall thoughts: Initially, I was skeptical about living in the rural area for so many days but after a while I kinda liked it. Driving around was also cool because we got to see so many local activities. Bkk was great with the shopping(esp air con ones sorry spoilt sg kid here) but I wasn't so keen on the transport, jam, and just how busy it is(like sg). + the hot weather omgoshhhhh the air wasn't that good either. So yeahhhhhh but I would totally go again in the near future!

Sorry for the long post but I guess this is the end! Woohoo

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! I always love visiting Thailand! Have you been to the city side of Thailand, like Bangkok? Love this post by the way! So nice and detailed <3