Saturday, 20 June 2015

Review: Aritaum Honey Melting Tints

General Information

Product name: Aritaum Honey Melting tint

Price: 8,000 won (In Korea)

Swatches with flash photography: 

Quality: 4.5/ ★★★★★

Texture: It is a combination of lip balm , tint and lipstick! Feels really moisturising. Reminds me of revlon lip butters but it's SO much better. I remember owning 'peach parfait' revlon lip butter and it felt so gritty with all the chunky glitters. I really hated it. This, however, does not have glitter and its full-on Shine! Gives your lips that healthy and plumped look! It is a little sticky though.

Scent: Smells so yummy and sweet - HONEY! One of the best smelling lippie I've ever come across.

Pigmentation: Bold colours with a glossy finish. Can be removed really easily with makeup removers. It's easier to remove as compared to other tints :)

Swatches without flash:

Apple Tart
It's a bright red-pink colour, and brightens my complexion. Stained my lips for 5-6 hours (Did not eat oily food) before I had to reapply again. Its staining power is definitely not very strong (Not budge -proof) and may fade away after consuming oily food.

Bitter Rose
This is my go-to lipstick whenever I feel like going light with my makeup! Everyday rosy-mauve shade for me. This looks like the 'Kylie Jenner' colour on my lips. I'm sorry for mentioning this overrated colour but it's just something I wear often! Since its texture is a little sticky I love to apply this and blot with a tissue before going over with a creamy mauve lipstick (Revlon lipstick in Rose Velvet). The 2nd lip colour sticks well to this for long-lasting finish!

Ruby Grapefruit
A bright orange lip tint! Wonderful colour for the summer, or when I am spotting the bronzy eye makeup! Such a fun pop of colour on my dull complexion!

The downside to this product?
The formula is prone to melting, HENCE its name yeah?! I need to be careful whenever I use this to prevent it from breaking! Put it away from sunlight~ You can see its melting effect down below:

Take care, lovelies


  1. All the colors are so pretty, love the apple tart the most.

    1. Yeah! They have 16 shades in all!

  2. I love the bitter rose one & I never knew that you could actually combine lipstick, lipbalm and liptint in one :O wow!
    I'm defo gonna give these a try!


    1. Yup! It's easy remove too, not drying at all! :)

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