Thursday, 18 June 2015

Review: 3CE Under Eye Flash

Hi readers! I'm sorry for just doing reviews of this brand. I've recently tried lots of their products and would like to express my genuine thoughts on them! Without further ado, let's get started~
As you can see below, there are 6 shades altogether but I only got 5 shades! 

General Information

Product name: 3CE Under Eye Flash

Price: 11,000 won (In Korea)

 Not in order! haha. But yeah, I have all the colours except #5

Swatches of the shades. 

Swatches under the sunlight

Quality: ****/ ★★★★★

Texture: Glides easily and does not tug on my lower lids. However, it is quite soft and I experienced some defects when I first opened #4. The liner broke apart, so the tip is now blunt >< This might be due to the humid weather as well. This is the only downside to the product but I'm sure if its handled with care, the liner will have a long lifespan. 

Pigmentation: Bold with slight shimmers. The shimmers are not very chunky. I'm extremely impressed when I rubbed the swatches on my skin AND It WONT budge!! Only shimmers on the top layer transferred. 99.5% of the colours stayed in place. Overall, it gives off a slightly metallic finish.

#1 Romanicism - Pink beige colour 
(Great for sweet and innocent looks)

#2 Pitter Patter - Golden Khaki colour
(Can be used to intensify smokey eyes, alternative for boring black liners)

#3 Lovable - Ivory colour
(Gives a bright tone to the under eye areas/ inner corners)

#4 Brown Sugar - Cream beige colour
(Acts as a universal base for eyelids)

#6 African Sunset - Burgundy brown colour
(Can be used to do smokey looks for a mysterious look)

Longevity: Great lasting power, lasts 8-10 hours on my undereyes. No fall-outs from any glitter. Does not crease onto under-eye lines. However, it is easy to remove using the bioderma water!

My TOP 3 favourites out of all 5 would be: #1, #4 and #6
It's because I can make more use out of these shades ^^ Wearable for everyday!


  1. my goodness! the colours are insanely gorgeous! I especially like the african sunset :)
    lovely review! 3CE is the bomb!

    Lauren xx | laurlauu

    1. Thank you! Yeah! I won't have to worry anymore about smudging when I accidentally rub my eyes :)
      This brand is so worth the hype~ Not just for their lip products.